The people on this website are so, so weird.

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Jaden Smith wore a white batman costume to Kim and Kanyes wedding

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  June 23, 2014 at 11:18pm

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sö î hèãrd ÿôū łįkê gùÿś wìth áçćėñtš

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“Also, nobody has seemed to have figured out that [Come Pick Me Up] has only been played when people quit asking for it, ‘cause I don’t fucking feel like that shit, you know? And mainly because I think you gotta pick yourself up, man, you just gotta fucking pick your own shit up. And that’s why, I’m going through a phase. It’s a phase, motherfucker! It’s called self-respect. I know you really love that song, but the person I was when I wrote that song, you know, I’m not that person anymore. I have to have a day where I’m really strong, where I feel really fucking strong, where I can sing that song and get into that mindset. But, thank you. I can only do that on some days, and those are days where I feel comfortable, but thank you for asking. It’s a personal thing. It’s a me thing. Sometimes I have trouble saying some of those words, but I’ll get around to it soon enough. I’ll get better.”

Ryan Adams (01/29/2008)

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  June 21, 2014 at 10:28am